Student Council

Sr. No. Name of Person Designation Representation
1 Dr. J. R. Baheti Chairman Principal
2 Dr. M. C. Gunde Member Teacher Nominated by Principal
3 Mr. L. T. Thote Member NSS Program Officer
4 Mr. Akash Rautray Member Students of B. Pharm-I year
5 Ms. Apeksha Motghare Member Students of B. Pharm- II year
6 Ms. Shweta Jaiswal Member Students of B. Pharm-III year
7 Ms. Nikita Lidbe Member Students of B. Pharm-IV year
8 Mr. Akash Yedpalle Member Student – NSS Activity
9 Mr. Laxman Galat Member Student – Culture Activity
10 Mr. Ranjeet Kanakke Member Student- ST Category
11 Mr. Pranay Adkine Member Student- SC Category
12 Ms. Unnati Rathod Member Lady Student – Principal Nominee
13 Ms. Devyani Yenurkar Member Lady Student – Principal Nominee
14 Mr. Vikas Rathod Secretary Elected