Library as a Learning Resource

Volumes- 10557
Titles- 2952
Textbook- 7196
Reference Books- 3361
E-Journal Subscription- 06

Library is the resource hub for knowledge and has a vast collection of books, journals, magazines, periodicals. Library has facilities such as Autolib software and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) which is used by students & faculty for search of books by title/ author name etc. Separate reading room is available for undergraduate, postgraduate students and teachers. Separate e-library is also available with facilities such as subscription for e-journals, e-books.

The learning process is supported by a rich and voluminous library with all-time internet facility forstudents and staff. Our library is supported by a more than 10000 textbooks, references, books, national/international journals, periodicals and other readable articles online through internet.

Library is also supported with library software to guide students for easy issue and return of the books. It isconstructed with the help of many expertise and immense hard work just for the improvement of studentswith recent knowledge.

Library has a seating capacity of more than 150 students at a time. 10 computers terminals with latestsoftware and free internet facility are available for student use. Library is equipped with a printing and photocopying facility for theconvenience of the students and well-furnished to improve the comfort level. Internet facility with free downloading is provided to the students. More than 400 online journals, E-Books and other E-resources areavailable from N- Digital library for the students through library subscription and national and internationalprinted journals are made available for the students free of cost for their literature survey.

OPAC computerized system is provided to the students, which facilitates them to have a glance at thenumber of books available, number of issued books, new books added to the list which helps them to issuethe correct book when required. In addition, we have provided departmental library to individual PG departments of the institute for thesmooth functioning. Library is spread over 1680sq.ft. area having separate issue return section, readingsection, reference section, computer online section.

Library has a free access system for the students where they can choose the book that is required by them for issue. Every student can issue maximum 2 books whereas final year students can issue 3 books to facilitate them for GPAT preparation.

Library also promotes the donation of the old used books by the faculty, students and alumni for moreenrichment of the library and also develop the attitude of giving among the staff and the students.

Library is installed with Integrated Library Management System for smooth working of library that includes accessioning, issue return, OPAC, data generation, stock verification.


Alternate Text
Sr.No. Particular Facility
01 Computer Laboratory PC with Latest Configuration updated with all the required software for research purpose  and connected through LAN network
02 IndianLanguage Lab PC with latest configurations installed with Language Laboratory software and headphones.
03 Library PC updated with all the required software for research purpose  and connected through LAN network
04 Internet BSNL Wireless Connection of 100 MBPS
05 WiFi BSNL Wireless Connection of 100 MBPS Reliance JIO Wireless Wifi covering whole campus
06 Networking Network with core distribution and access segment for efficient flow of information and data, connected through high speed fiber optic cable.

List of National Journals

Sr.No. Name of Journal Periodicity
1 Indian Journal of Chemistry, Section A Monthly
2 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology Monthly
3 Indian Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology Quarterly
4 Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy Bimonthly
5 Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Abstracts Bimonthly
6 Indian Pharmacist Monthly
7 Indian Drugs (P’ceutics) Monthly
8 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science (P’ceutics) Monthly
9 Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education Research (P’ceutics) Quarterly
10 Drugs & Pharmaceuticals: Industry Highlight (P’ceutics) Monthly
11 Drugs & Pharmaceuticals: Current R & D Highlight (P’ceutics) Quarterly
12 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology Bimonthly
13 Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry Quarterly
14 Asian Journal of Chemistry Quarterly
15 Journal of Chemical Science Quarterly
16 MedChem Quarterly

List of International Journals

Sr.No. Name of Journal Periodicity
1 Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry Quarterly
2 Research Journal of Pharmacy & Technology Quarterly
3 Journals of Medicinal Plants Research(NIGERIA) Quarterly
4 Dhaka University Journals of Pharmaceutical Science Bimonthly
5 Advances in Pharmacological Science USA Quarterly
6 Journals of Pharmacological Science Japan Quarterly
7 International Journal of Drug Delivery (USA) Half Yearly
8 Journals of Drug Delivery (USA) Quarterly
9 The Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research Quarterly
10 Journals of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science CANADA Quarterly
11 Drug Delivery System Japan Quarterly
12 International Journal of Drug Design and Discovery Quarterly
13 Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin Monthly
14 International Journal of Analytical Chemistry Quarterly
15 International Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Quarterly
16 Digest Journal of Nanomaterial’s & Biostructures Quarterly

List of Periodicals

Sr.No. Name of Journal Periodicity
1 My Doctor Monthly
2 CSIR News Monthly
3 Pharma Pulse Fortnightly
4 SwasthyaVatica Quarterly
5 Times of India Daily
6 The Hitvada Daily
7 Navbharta Daily
8 The Hindu Daily
9 Lokmat Daily
10 Loksatta Quarterly

List of Rare Books

Sr.No. Names of the book / manuscript Names of the authors NamesYear of publishing
1 History of Indian Pharmacy G. P. Srivastava 1954
2 Problems in Physicochemical methods of analysis Yu. Lyolikov, M. Bulatov, 1974
3 Caraka Samhita Dr. Brahmanand Tripathi 1995
4 Food Analysis- Theory & Practice S. N. Mahindru 2003
5 Aspects of Physiology & Biochemistry of Plant Harmones S. S. Purohit 1983
6 Fundamental of Statistics D. N. Elhance Veena Elhance 1956
7 Handbook of Drugs Law M. L. Mehra 1994
8 Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses Evelya C. Pears 1968
9 Polymer Science V. R. Gowarikar 1986
10 Pharmacopeias & Formularies Harkishan Singh 1994
11 The Body Alan E. Nourse 1969
12 Breeding Asian Field Crops J. M. Poehlman Dhirendranath 1968
13 Handbook of Perfumes & Flavours Dr. Olindo Secondini 1990